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Our paper entitled "Embracing Digital Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry" has got published in  Emerging Trends in Mechatronics book series

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Welcome to SEHS Research Group

The goal of the Smart Engineering & Health Systems research group is to demystify and provide guidance on topics related to technology-driven initiates in manufacturing and health including the Process optimization, Digital Manufacturing, Mechatronic & Biomechatronic systems,  Pharma4.0, Quality by Design,  Internet-of-Things (IoT), Blockchain Technology Applications, Smart Medical Production, Continues Pharmaceutical Production, Cyber physical-based PAT, cloud-based RTRT, and Drug Development Life Cycle Integration.

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Trends in Engineering and Health systems

The modern engineering and health industries is investing in new technologies such as the cyber physical technology, big data analytics, artificial intelligent  and blockchain technology to cope with system complexity, increase information visibility, improve production performance, and gain competitive advantages in the global market. These advances are rapidly enabling a new generation of smart systems.

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About SEHS

The SEHS puts forward coherent guidance beyond the concept design, stressing real business value, practical paths and building blocks to future smart systems. These activities are gaining momentum, and we are looking for motivated researchers, and investors to help steer and drive them. Our research group wishes to help provide consistent messaging in Smart Engineering & Health -related topics, interacting with research and industry organizations to drive a common understanding for all.

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Department of Pharmacology & Digital Health, Faculty of Pharmacy, Girne American University, Kyrenia, Cyprus

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