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Digital Transformation Workshop

The velocity and impact of disruption is accelerating at dizzying speed. Adapting to survive and grow has become a reality for most businesses. Customer preferences change, competitors gain traction, and new technology emerges that invalidate long established processes and tools. For many the answer to these challenges is attributed to “digital transformation”. But depending on who you talk to, digital transformation can mean a wide variety of things. Emerging technologies and practices will disrupt the status quo for industrial companies. Whether it is called Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 or something else, there is clearly a significant shift underway.  Information-driven, highly efficient competitors with innovative business models will enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Let SEHS help you identify the “why” of digital for your company so you know what your are doing well and what you might need to improve. SEHS’s Digital Transformation workshops help companies position themselves to take advantage of emerging opportunities and counter competitive threats. The workshop helps you to design a digital transformation strategy that fits your business, its culture, and practices. It provides guidance to develop a safe and transformational program focused on business outcomes. Activities are oriented to digital transformation and its impact on your products, business practices and how people do their work. Through the workshop, SEHS’s expert and the participants develop a comprehensive IT/OT technology strategy and roadmap for  their production/service operations. They then build a shared commitment to a roadmap for deploying and using the technologies, and the changes to people, processes, systems, and information that must be taken into account. With this roadmap, the involved companies can be confident that they can drive digital transformation strategy that will carry them into the future. In addition to all materials created and shared in the workshop itself, SEHS will provide you with assessments. The assessments will include a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, focused on the specific topics above, to move your Digital Transformation forward.

Digital Transformation Benefits for Industry

  • Reduce Operating Costs

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

  • Improve Asset Performance

  • Optimize Supply Chain

  • Increase Capacity

  • Employee Engagement

Why should I attend?

  • Use a focused, collaborative learning experience to collapse project timelines and make major program decisions.

  • Use our proven and road-tested methodologies to get your project on track quickly and effectively.

  • Develop and train your team through collaboration with our expert principal consulting analysts.

  • Produce a tangible model for expressing & tying business case to business processes and transformation projects.

Step into the Future

Today, there are a number of disruptive technologies at work.  What’s important and what’s not?  What’s real and what’s too futuristic?  What steps should be taken now, to be prepared for the future?  SEHS’s Digital Transformation workshops are a structured way to:

  • Understand the significance of emerging IT/OT technologies and trends and the potential opportunities and threats they pose

  • Compare your current production operations to modern/future practices and to other companies

  • Determine a specific and appropriate next-generation technologies strategy for production operations that supports your business goals

  • Plan to manage organizational change issues

  • Identify a logical series of steps to take in order to move from your 'as-is' to your 'to-be' state

  • Identify and select appropriate technology/solution partners for the digital transformation journey

This workshop is part of a series of workshops dedicated to discussing concrete actions in support to digital transformation. It aims at clarifying potential technologies and provide some examples of concrete projects and good practices. Another objective of the workshop is to reach out to a wider group of sectors form automobile towards health in different countries. The workshop will be an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion on how digital transformation technologies could fit the overall purpose of your company. The topics will be covered in the program are as followings:

  • Demystify key Industry 4.0 and the ecosystem of stakeholders  and the technologies involved.

  • Collaborative robotic

  • Cyber physical system and its current and potential applications

  • Internet of things and big data analytics

  • Cloud computing

  • Prototyping and augmented reality

  • Vertical and horizontal integration

  • Blockchain technology, Hyperledger Fabric Platform and data security

  • Case study: cloud manufacturing

  • Case study: Autonomous drug production system

  • Case study: blockchain based reputation system

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